This is a work in progress at the moment. Sufficient information should, nonetheless, be available here.

An example of some more recent code I worked on briefly. https://github.com/requerent/OpenRL.

Thank for you looking at my portfolio. Here you'll find examples of games implemented using Flash and the Unreal Development Kit throughout my two years in the Arts and Technology program at the University of Texas at Dallas. You can take a look at my resume here.

My Dropbox has a recent arrangement of work, but you may find download links throughout this page.

Note: I am not responsible for these video trailers! Whenever I have access to Fraps again I might make some nicer ones.

Cold Equations represents my first experience working with the Flash API and was part of a university project spanning two semesters. I was responsible for programming and implementing the game's logic: the game engine and timing system, an event system for both Marilyn and the game, an inventory and item gathering system, dialog systems, and several graphical effects. A second programmer was brought onto the team for implementing a pre-loader and publishing the final game to play online here. No external libraries were used.

Vim and Villainy was part of a university game production lab produced over the course of a single semester. It represents my first experience with either the UDK or Scaleform. As the sole programmer I was responsible for implementing all of the game's logic, including a dialog system and inventory system through scaleform, integrating assets into code, quest logic through kismet and unrealscript, and many of the matinee sequences. The only unoriginal code exists in the third person camera logic that was lifted and modified from the UDN. You may download the game here.

Paper Master Erbu was the most recent project I worked on. Erbu relies on a system of transformations that allow the player to progress in alternative ways. I was responsible for designing and implementing the state machine responsible for managing the player's logical state, controls and actions of the player's character, implementing assets, a dynamic camera system, and a few tricks to simulate 2D game logic in an explicitly 3D game engine. As the lead programmer, I was also responsible for fleshing out the technical aspects of the game, distributing tasks, and packaging the final product. You can download the game here.

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